About us

Hi there

Thanks for stopping by. So you want to know a bit about our brand...well, it all started with our own personal need for a wash bag that we just could not find on the market.  So, we went about designing one ourselves.  This happened way back in 2017 and after many prototypes and samples, we finally had a product we were happy with and had a whole bunch manufactured.  It turned out that a few others seemed to like it as well.  So we decided to push on with designing more bags and here we are now...

Höher was born in London, out of a passion for good design.  The word Höher has it's origin in the German language. A country we admire for their dedication to quality and craftsmanship.  The word Höher meaning "higher" representing our desire to reach new heights with each new product design and iteration (sorry if that sounds a bit pretentious).

We're always seeking to improve our products and really appreciate any feedback you, as our customer can provide.  Our product designs are never set in stone and we seek-to continually improve as customers needs change and new materials become available to market.

Feel free to get in touch - hello@gohoher.com